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「之間、之下、之後:香港微型都市公園研究」在大學教育資助委員會(教資會) 的支持下開展(項目編號 HKU 27609420),並建立於由香港大學園境建築學部支持開展的名為「間隙香港」項目的早期研究之上。本網站所呈現內容全部於教資會項目週期內完成(6.2020–4.2023)。

Hong Kong, with some of the most valuable land in the world, is planned and built out to shockingly high densities. Yet between introverted complexes, below the smooth-flowing arterials and behind adjoining high-rise buildings, a different urban form emerges: small public parks called “Sitting-out Areas,” miniature interventions in an otherwise monumental Hong Kong, reflecting another narrative for the city. Referred to locally as "saam-kok-see-hang", literally a “three-cornered shit pit,” most Sitting-out Areas feature little more than, eponymously, a place to sit and rest. Hard-to-find and overlooked, their ubiquity gives them an outsized impact and suggests a latent potential to operate as a landscape network.


More than five hundred Sitting-out Areas along with the allied Rest Gardens comprise the smallest features in the city’s formal network of public open space amenities. This project carries out a critical exploration of these understudied and undervalued open spaces to reveal their existing and potential benefits for the overall urban system. How do these spaces integrate with the daily public life of Hong Kong residents? How do these spaces interact with the hydrological and ecological environment of the city? What processes motivate or create these spaces? Collectively, these questions paint a bigger picture of how Hong Kong’s planning policies interface with the daily lives of people and inform future open space policies. Ultimately, this research contributes to a larger debate on the form, function, distribution and accessibility of public space in high-density urban settings.


“Between, Below, Behind: An ontology of small urban spaces in Hong Kong” is supported by a grant from the Research Grants Council (RGC) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Project No. HKU 27609420). This project builds upon and further develops an earlier research project carried out under the title “Interstitial Hong Kong” supported by the Division of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. Contents showcased on this website were completed within the RGC-funded project period (6.2020–4.2023).

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